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Beijing Vibroflotation Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd(BVEM), has established in

2006, owns a scale, automated CNC production lines. It's a professional vibroflot team

of manufacturing, equipment  R&D design and construction.

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BVEM. A Chinese Brand for the World


As the leader of the vibroflotation equipment industry, BVEM has been devoting to the innovation and development of vibroflotation   devices, and pursue to promote the continuous development of vibroflotation technology and construction methods.

 1. The bottom feed dry-method vibroflot with double lock pressure silo.
The bottom feed dry-method vibroflotation equipment is the latest developed technique of BVEM which is in line with the development direction of modern vibroflotation construction.
Its main features: a. Set a feed tube through straight bottom of vibroflot.
                            b. On the top of vibroflot, the stone cabinet is set, where the air compressor are connected.
                            c.  A certain pressure on the stone cabinet can always maintain to ensure pore-forming and feeding process smoothly.
2. Damper suitable for high power vibroflot.
By using of it, the vibration of vibroflot is eliminated through multi-stage vibration reduction, and the safety of equipment is improved.
3. The whole process quality control system of gravel pile.
It is specially designed for the quality control of gravel stone piles. It adopts a durable industrial touch screen, and the   Chinese and English language interface is clear and concise. It is easy to operate and record the piling process in real time   to ensure the construction quality.
4. Anti-corrosion and rainproof electric control cabinet
It is suitable for all outdoor engineering application.