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ADDRESS:Tongzhou District Beijing, China.

Beijing Vibroflotation Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd(BVEM), has established in

2006, owns a scale, automated CNC production lines. It's a professional vibroflot team

of manufacturing, equipment  R&D design and construction.

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BVEM. A Chinese Brand for the World


Domestic pioneer of vibroflotation


1.Being introduced and studied vibro compact method in China
2.Being developed application in Chinese projects
3.Has the top experts of vibroflotation tech. and  experienced construction management team


Reseacher and producer of top-quality vibroflot
1.The first one who reserched and produced domestic vibroflots
2.The first and only domestic one who produced the Bottom Feed Vibroflot
3.The first one who produced domestic hydraulic-driven vibroflot
The formulater of Technique & Product code
1.Editor-in-cheif of industry standards <Technical Specification of Vibroflotation Method in Hydrauelectric and Water Resources Projects>(DL/T5214-2005)
2.Editor-in chelf of industry standrds <Electrical Deep Vibrator>(DL/T 1557-2016)
The pusher of vibroflotation market
1.The first one who developed vibroflotation application in variety  of industry(thermal power,hydraulic power, petrochemical, highway,rail, port etc.)
2.Cooperate with DI and support to formulate the design and construction scheme 

● In 1997, the construction of the dam in the second phase of the three gorges project was carried out in the process of 30m deep throwing sand blasting

● For the first time in 2001, the chimney foundation of the dingzhou power plant of 240m was strengthened by vibro-shock method

● In 2005, we developed the first integrated bottom feed vibrator of China, the vibroflotation method began to treat the soft base of the soil whose Cu(shear strength) is less than 20KPa 

● In 2007, hydraulic vibrator was used to handle the foundation of the pudu river power station,.This is the first time the treated depth achieved 32.7m in China

● In 2014, the first YZ125KW hydraulic  vibrator was developed