Overview of vibro techniques

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Overview of vibro techniques

A foundation treatment method by joint action of horizontal vibration and high pressure water shock to :
Compact the loose sand layer or
formed in soft soil of gravel column to compose the composite foundation with original soil together
Common Terminology:
Vibroflotation process 
Vibro replacement
Vibro compaction 
Vibro-composite foundation 
In-site test
Replacement rate 
Stress ratio
Equivalent column diameter 
Compaction current
Compacting cycle increment
Compaction time 
The subsoil
Usually the soil condition are describe in a soil investigation report. If the properties of soil cannot fulfil the requirements set by the proposed loading conditions,vibro technique offers a economical solution for the ground improvement. It can be carried to almost any depth.
The Vibroflot
The core element of vibroflot is an electrically dreiven eccentric weight which induce the horizontal oscillation of the vibroflot. The vibroflot string is assembled with the vibroflot and extension tube to suit the improvement depth and suspended from a crane or mounted on a custom build base machine.
Vibro technique variety
The vibroflot is used for 2 distinct techniques which deffer both in their soil improvement and in their load transfer mechanism.
The vibro compaction technique compacts granular soil with negligible fines content by rearrangement of the soil particles into a denser state.
The Vibro replacement technique builds load bearing columns made from gravel or crushed stones in cohesive soils and granular soils with high fine content.
Benefit from vibro
The vibro techniques present a very versatile improvement method that can be adjusted to a wide variety of ground conditions and foundation requirements. Its execution is comparatively fast even if large volumes of soil are to be improved and subsequent structural works can follow very quickly. The soil improvement enables constructor to utilize standard shallow footings which, in turn, leads to additional savings. Another advantages is environmental friendliness of the vibroflot techniques. As natural and in situ materials are used. In addition, only a comparatively small quantity of soil is removed during process.