Bottom Feed Vibroflotation in Timor Leste

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Bottom Feed Vibroflotation in Timor Leste

Product description

A newest generation of Bottom Feed Vibroflotation Construction System (BFVS), developed and produced by Beijing Vibroflotation Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd, was taken as the core facility and achieved the world first whole process automatic stone column making function in offshore construction.
The newly system software adopted by the Construction Operation Management System(COMS) can realize the functions of parameters setting, quality inspection, whole process construction parameters recording, equipment start-stop control and visual construction animation simulation. Achieve better construction efficiency and better quality control than beside-machine construction.

This project is a typical case for the construction of offshore stone column making in a long-piled wharf. By far it is the largest project invested in capital city Dili by the government of Timor-Leste . It will significantly facilitate to increase the country’s international trade and benefit all local people. Stone column works account for more than 40% of the total amount of project. 38,300 piles with a maximum SPT value of 50 blows on land range and 14,500 piles with maximum SPT value of 70 blows on sea range are required to complete in a specified duration. This makes the feasible efficiency of construction to be the most important thing for the normal completion of project. Two vessels were used for the stone column construction. Yuegong Barge No.56 was equipped with 4 sets of intelligent bottom feed vibroflot equipment system and Yuegong Barge No.42 was equipped with 3 sets. Additional 7 supporting vessels are collocated for both of them. A total investment of 100 million RMB is in estimation. Our company participated in the whole process of this project from the overall plan formulation, test verification, equipment manufacturing, site assembly and commissioning, personnel training, technical service and consulting. As a vibroflotation people, we think what customers want, urgent what customers worry about, give the best service to the project with the best attitude. Finally we achieve the high recognition from the project.




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