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FAX : 86-010-6959 2173
ADDRESS:Tongzhou District Beijing, China.

Beijing Vibroflotation Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd(BVEM), has established in

2006, owns a scale, automated CNC production lines. It's a professional vibroflot team

of manufacturing, equipment  R&D design and construction.

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BVEM. A Chinese Brand for the World



Beijing Vibroflotation Engineering Machinery Co., LTD (BVEM) started from a special R&D team worked for a vibroflot strategic localization project and organized by Ministry of Water Resources and Hydro-power. After 40 years development of products and market, BVEM has grown to be a well-known enterprises in China’s foundation engineering industry. With the main business of complete sets of equipment supplying for vibroflotation construction, BVEM was included into the group of National High & New Technology Enterprise. As an active participant of vibroflotation industry, BVEM is one of the editor-in-chief of national industry manufacturing standard <Electric Deep Vibrator DL/T 1557-2016>, and participated numerous national key projects including Yangtze River Three-Gorge project and Hong Kong- Zhuhai- Macao Bridge project. BVEM’s holding company is Beijing Vibroflotation Engineering Co., LTD (BVEC), who is a leading enterprises in domestic vibro-industry.
Focusing in mechanical design, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, construction, leasing and consultant platform development, BVEM condenses 40 years of industry experience in design, construction, improvement, optimization, and manufactures high-class series electrical vibroflots including multiple models applied to different soil layer condition, and have implemented the assembly line of production capacity. Products have been sold to more than 30 countries in the world, involving many foundation engineering field as power, transportation, petrochemical, ports, airports and offshore reclamation etc.
For years always, nailing on the core conception of “ CREATING BOUTIQUE to SERVING VIBRO-PEOPLE”, adhering to the grand vision of “ WORLD VIBROFLOTATION”, BVEM has been being down-to-earth, fearless of difficulties, unremitting efforts, continuous innovation and keeping pace The Time! In the pursuit of outstanding, BVEM people develop themselves and face the common destiny with company together, seize the moment, unremitting self-improvement!The future can look forward to being better. Development need unlimited power and the power can make achievement of unlimited life.